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Data Baller is focused on the development of technologies that optimize consumer experiences for positive engagement and brand loyalty.

Data Baller

Our primary investments are in data modeling and decision-making systems supporting brand efforts in Lifecycle Marketing and the Customer Engagement Lifecycle. Our clients can expect to see significant improvements in marketing impact and efficiency.


Data Baller was formed in late 2022 as an umbrella organization for the incubation of innovative consumer engagement technologies. With an initial focus on developing solutions for action-based customer engagement, ActionHub was the first initiative.


Data Baller was founded by Darryl Kanouse whose roles currently include everything. Before Data Baller, Darryl was the architect of data-driven decision-making systems at industry leaders such as Amazon and Activision.


Our flagship product is [[ActionHub API/Getting Started/Overview|ActionHub]], a system for enabling real-time action-based consumer engagement through integrated customer action recommendations. The ActionHub recommendation models and high-performance API were developed from years of experience building engagement systems for very large companies with proven results. The system was built to scale and with a priority on easy integration.

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