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Getting Started with ActionHub

ActionHub is a platform for enabling action-based consumer engagement through integrated customer action recommendations. The ActionHub platform includes a high-performance API, client utilities, and "plug-and-play" integration apps for select supported platforms.


Action-based consumer engagement provides a framework for the multi-channel orchestration of targeted brand communication that builds loyalty while driving user acquisition, adoption, and retention at scale. As an alternative to preference-based marketing, which focuses on the customer as a collection of attributes on a buyer's journey, action-based marketing focuses on the customer's goals and the journey to accomplishment. Using ActionHub, existing preference-based systems can easily be adapted to operate in an action-based mode, leveraging those systems' automation and delivery horsepower.


ActionHub tools and APIs are designed to integrate with existing customer-facing systems. ActionHub doesn't surface content or send messages to customers directly. Some technical skills (i.e., REST API integration and JavaScript) may be required to integrate ActionHub with your marketing platform or digital products that surface content to those users and customers.

Access and API Keys

If you plan to use the ActionHub API directly or the ActionHubJS toolkit, you'll need to request an access key and program id. (If you're using plug-and-play apps such as the Shopify App, installing the app will take care of this for you.) After you register, you'll be given an API key (actionhub-key) for integration access and a program id (program-id) identifying the scope of your ActionHub operations.

  • actionhub-key - Provides access and identifies permissions (read, write, admin, etc.) and can be associated with one or more programs.
  • program-id - Defines the scope, typically a brand, company, or business unit associated with ActionHub resources designed to support a single optimization metric. All events, actions, segments, and customer history data are tied to a single program.

Integration Options

ActionHub REST API

Connect directly to the ActionHub Rest API for complete program control. Direct integration with the ActionHub REST API is the best way to leverage the full power of the ActionHub system. This is the best option for teams with technical resources looking for direct integration with new products or services.

ActionHub JS Toolkit

Deploy the ActionHubJS toolkit for easy integration into apps and websites. The toolkit provides a lightweight client for capturing web events and surfacing recommendations.

Plug-and-Play Integrations

Use one of our plug-and-play pre-built integrations for supported platforms such as Shopify. No technical integration is required to get up and running; however, you'll still have access to the REST API and JS Toolkit to extend your ActionHub programs into other channels.

  • Install the ActionHub Shopify App from the App Store
  • Review the ActionHub Shopify App documentation

Internal Tooling

Every company has different workflow needs and perspectives on data access and management. Data Baller focuses on building great APIs but leaves the workflow integration up to you. To create internal tools to support your ActionHub deployments, you can use the ActionHub APIs and work with great companies like Budibase and ReTool to develop those internal tools.

Check out the boilerplate ActionHub Budibase tooling developed. Contact Us if you'd like additional support.

Toubleshooting & Support

We are here to help! If you get stuck, check the Data Baller support discussions or contact us directly.