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Responsive Real-time Engagement with ActionHub

ActionHub services can capture events as they happen and provide updated recommendations in milliseconds.

When an event is logged using the Log Events endpoint, if the process_user_actions parameter is set to true, new recommendations are immediately calculated for the user_id associated with that event. Note: event-driven user recommendations are not triggered more than once every 5 minutes. So while events continue to be logged, continued user updates will not be triggered by events logged for the 5 minutes after a user update. (Tech detail: 5 minutes is the SQS FIFO content deduplication window.)

If required for a given use case, it is possible to bypass the 5 minute delay by calling the Rebase User endpoint which will immediately calculate the user recommendations, regardless of event logging status.

Two implementation scenarios.

Cookieless/Non-essential Cookies Using ActionHub for Marketing

Essential Cookies and Integrating ActionHub as a Product Feature