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Uninstalling the Shopify App

Rollback before you uninstall to remove the data added by ActionHub

The ActionHub Shopify App creates customer metafields and segments when it is installed. Shopify does not automatically remove this data when you uninstall.

To perform a clean uninstallation, use the "Rollback" feature in ActionHub before uninstalling via the regular Shopify method. This will ensure that all items created by the app are properly removed. The rollback feature is available under the "Getting Started" section.

Setup Screen after Setup is Complete

If you have already uninstalled the app and did not use the Rollback feature, you can manually remove the items that ActionHub added. To do this, start by removing the metafield. In your shop's admin area, navigate to "Settings" and then "Custom Data," and select "Customers." Locate the ActionHub metafield and delete it. Next, you'll need to remove the customer segments. Visit the customer admin area and open the segments dropdown. If the metafield has been removed, you should be able to identify the ActionHub segments by a red "invalid segment" indicator. Select these invalid segments and choose "Delete" from the "More Actions" menu.

By following these steps, you can ensure that all components of the ActionHub app are cleanly removed from your Shopify store.